Credit Card Companies Rock

Credit Card Offers I noticed I was getting quite a few credit card offers but I didn't realize how ridiculous it was until I saved them for a while. I didn't count the whole pile, but I grabbed about one-forth of it and there were about 40 offers. That totals to roughly 160 in 4 months. It's a bit annoying. However, because of these offers I've been able to carry some credit card debt for about 5 years without any finance charges or transfer fees. So thanks for that. It's very simple, with this many offers, you just wait for the ones that say 0% APR for one year and no balance transfer fees. Then, you just transfer to those cards and cancel your old ones.

My favorite offers are the ones that say 5.7% fixed or something like that. Hello, why would I choose 5.7% fixed if I can get 0% for 12 months and then just transfer to the next 0% that comes along, which I do. So thanks for all the offers credit card companies. As long I as I'm in debt, I welcome them.

Shortly after I posted this, Corey and I got all of his junk mail out and had a gay old time.

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